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These are related to the NFC TAG news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in NFC TAG and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand NFC TAG market.

In recent years, the news of alcohol counterfeiting is often exposed by various media. Although many famous liquor enterprises have taken some anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent it, the results have been little.Driven by huge profits, illegal elements still sell fake products in



NFC Tag for Wristband in Entrance Guard

New NFC function, the user as long as the hand hand ring close to the card reader, you can easily unlock door, great convenience to people's life, and do not need bright screen and connect mobile phone can be used, even if the bracelet without power, still can brush entrance guard.NFC wristbands is



Four Different Points between RFID and NFC Tag

The terms NFC Tag, NFC Chip and NFC Sticker are often used interchangeably. Though someone familiar with NFC may understand what you mean by using these terms, it is important to note that NFC tags, chips and stickers are not one in the same.



The Difference Between NFC and RFID

RFID and NFC are two closely related wireless communication technologies that are used globally for a vast number of applications such as access control, asset tracking and contactless payments. RFID was first patented in 1983 and is the precursor to NFC, so we will begin there.



The Comprehensive information of NFC tag

NFC technology is pretty common these days and features in most high-end smart phones, and smart NFC tag aims to make our lives that little bit more convenient just by using smartphones.NFC technology is pretty common these days and features in most high-end smart phones. As well as phone to phone c



Introduction to NFC tag For Fridge Magnet

A near field communication tag (NFC tag) is a sticker with small microchips that can be read by in range mobile devices. Information is stored in these microchips. NFC tag has the ability to send data to other mobile phones with NFC capabilities. NFC tags also perform a variety of actions, such as c



The Introduction and Popularity of NFC

What is NFC and how does it work? Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless communication technology a bit like WiFi or Bluetooth. It allows the transfer of data between two devices, such as a mobile phone and NFC tag. Typically, NFC is used to pass data from one device to the other. So you might

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