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In recent years, the news of alcohol counterfeiting is often exposed by various media. Although many famous liquor enterprises have taken some anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent it, the results have been little.Driven by huge profits, illegal elements still sell fake products in



6 Tips About RFID Anti-metal Tag

Mounting RFID tags on metal surface is a puzzle, but RFID manufacturers have special technology to allow RFID to work when attached to metal surfaces. Now, we offer you several tips to help you get known of the RFID anti-metal tag.



RFID Technology for Cattle - Cattle Ear Tag

The development of IOT(Internet of Things) are rapidly and widely. Most scientists are talking about the asset management that RFID tags will be applied to and the benefits of the application.So what is the cattle ear tag and how does these RFID tags work on asset management mostly in super farm on



Introduction to NFC Tag For Wine

With the development of society, electronic technology is slowly being popular. Award winning Scottish whisky producer is adding NFC tags to two of their flagship whisky bottles. The NFC tag, which will be integrated into hang tags are designed to increase customer engagement with the brand. The dis



RFID Animal ID Microchips Em4305/Em4200 RFID Glass Tag Transponders

RFID glass transponder microchip has appeared our international market . It can record the production of animals. It help us to manage the animal.



Description and function of glass tube label

Describe1. The animal tag is RFID glass transponder chip with a 15-digit ID number. It uses a bioglass package that does not adversely affect animals when implanted in the body.2. The animal labels currently used on the market are not located in the country. The so-called lost animals can be retriev



RFID EM4305 Glass tag Transponder with Syringe for Animal Tracking

Recently we have added a new product, the RFID glass transponder. An enhanced transponder implant system helps to quickly and efficiently tag RFID tags on most animals, including pets, cattle, sheep, horses, fish, birds or reptiles.



RFID Glass Transponder Microchip Application

RFID glass tag is a easy solution for animal identification and tracking. Made of high quality biocompatible glass, comply with ISO11784/785 FDX A/B, HDX



RFID Glass Transponder Describe for Pet

The Transponder is a special design for animals such as pets or wild animals. It can be placed under the skin of an animal by a special syringe or surgery. Moreover, since it is a high-resistance glass tube, it can be easily embedded in an object under extreme conditions.Replacement needle with micr



RFID Glass Tube Transponder For Animal Microchip

RFID glass transponder is widely used in pets, fish, police dogs, wild animals and other animals. And it could record a range of the animals' activities, or diet, and so on. Some fish and other meat on the market today are tracked throughout the processRFID syringe contains the syringe body and RFID

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