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As any passive tag, RFID wet inlay includes an integrated circuit (IC) or chip that stores and processes tag data and an antenna, which gathers power from the reader to power the tag and enable RFID communication. Passive RFID tags do not include a battery or a transmitter.
NFC wet inaly is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. The term NFC wet inlay is commonly used for a passive NFC tag. Examples of passive NFC tags are NFC inlays, NFC stickers, NFC wristbands and other converted NFC products
Application: Data Transfer,Access control,Payment management,Customized,etc.
Wristband has Nylon UV ultra violet/Hospital /Event wristbands.UV Ultra Violet Sensitive silicone wristbands appear clear/white when out of UV light, but when exposed to ultra violet light such as sunlight the wristbands' color changes to blue or fuchsia.
The TK4100 proximity ID card is based on SMC4100 IC connected with a few laps, which are then embedded in plastic. No batteries required. This card is read-only, 40-bit unique number in the Manchester code.
Custom RFID nfc tag are adhesive RFID paper NFC tags which support 4 color digital or offset custom printing (CMYK). Just provide your own artwork or company LOGO then we can make your desired customized RFID sticker tag.
With your eye-catching company logo, Slogan, website etc info on it, it's not only a way to convenience the customers, but also a way to marketing your company!
Unlike normal scratch cards, prepaid multi-vouchers are carriers and contain more than one PIN for use in loading prepaid mobile phone accounts. All areas containing a PIN number are perforated, enabling just a single PIN number to be detached. Common formats range from CR80-sized cards containing at least 5 PINs (e.g. a card shared by a family), or bigger sheets used by re-sellers who sell PIN.
Paper card is a kind of new and environmentally friendly card,For example,we are the most common RFID subway ticket.which are now RFID paper tickets are increasingly being employed for authentication and access control in transportation and other environments, improving efficiency and convenience while helping to quickly and safely process high volumes of travelers or visitors.
Prepaid CARDS are the modern printing technology and computer information technology with the combination of security products, guarantee the security of the data, to enhance the security performance, improve the level of the printing technology of confidential data, greatly increased the difficulty of the illegal counterfeiting, widely used in all kinds of prepaid phone CARDS. Now make a password scratch CARDS are mainly label printing, printing, printing holographic high-fidelity hot stamping.
Dry inlay can be read through packaging and at a distance whereas barcodes need to be seen to be scanned. RFID labels can be encoded with information multiple times, barcodes can only be printed on once. Overall, RFID labels offer more flexibility and specificity for tracking individual items.
Near Field Communication (NFC) dry inlay is a RFID standard based, proximity contactless connectivity technology, that enables simple and safe two way interactions between electronic devices, allowing consumers to perform contactless transactions, access digital content, and connect electronic devices with a single approach.
One of large-scaled professional manufacturer
Specialized in RFID product design & service.

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