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Why are RFID anti-metal Tags different

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RFID anti-metal Tags, also known as RFID metal tags, anti-metal tags, anti-metal NFC tags, have special anti-electro magnetic and metal interference RFID tags.

Sunorient, is the world leader in performance RFID & NFC products, makes products that can prevent interference, and are anti-collision. Ordinary electronic tags cannot be read by tag readers when they encounter metal and electromagnetic interference.

Normally, NFC Tags placed on metal will not work due to interference from the metal.Because NFC Tags work by electromagnetic induction,metal can easily interfere with their operation. NFC Tags can never work behind metal and if placed directly onto metal,then you need to use a special ‘on-metal’ tag.

According to the frequency, metal tags can be divided into: 

HF(13.56MHz) RFID metal tags

UHF(915MHz)RFID metal tags

Microwave RFID metal tags

The reason NFC Tags don’t work on metal is that the metal surface behind the tag acts as a ground plane and reduces the performance of the tag’s antenna, effectively stopping it creating the current needed to power the chip.

In reality,you can often get the RFID tags to work with just a small gap (0.5 - 1 cm) and we know of many clients who just use thick foam type stickers to create a gap. However, to do the job properly, you should use anti-metal RFID tags which have a ferrite foil barrier between the RFID tag and the adhesive layer.

The NFC anti-metal technology has these application as following:

1. Widely used for cover bottle seal like electric meter, water meter, to avoid people steal power free charge and lost money, security authorization tracking, other one for metal cabinet box seal supervision management purpose.

2. NFC anti-metal tags are widely used for vehicle car automatic parking Lot, electronic toll collection of high speed way, Certification license card ticket, environmental license automatic parking lot, to control traffic, speeding violation identification, vehicle annual inspection.

3. Logistics supply chain,digital warehouse management, value-added security traceability, bags and suitcase, warehouse stock, container, goods shelf, pallet, equipment, assets, communication equipment, medical device and clothing management, etc..

4. NFC wearable products, electronic toys, Game Toy & Arts, home entertainment application, wearable smart application and insert application, other dangerous and safety items identification like drugs, medicine cosmetics, food, tobacco, wine, alcohol liquor and drinking. Accessories and other spare parts or items as well as some embedded applications for security and trace-ability.

Sunorient is a professional China RFID tag manufacturer and supplier, provide you with RFID anti-metal tags of different specifications, UHF Anti-Metal Tag and HF Anti-Metal Tag. We are glad to customize RFID metal tags with your own designs.

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