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Why We Love RFID Anti-Metal Tag?

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Enterprises are continually looking deeper into their operations and further explore opportunities for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the supply chain. RFID tags have proven a viable solution for true asset visibility and tracking in many industries.

However, in many applications, RFID tags need to be attached to the surface of metal objects. When a common passive UHF RFID tag is applied to a metal surface, the performance is drastically degraded and can not even be effectively read. 

This situation has also improve the development of RFID tags. On the metal RFID labels now include options for over-laminate, adhesive, custom sizes and color printing and encoding. Sunorient offers a variety of on-metal and off-metal RFID tags. Several encoding options will also ensure your customers obtain optimal privacy, performance and memory, which benefits to address their specific application.

Common UHF anti-metal RFID tags mainly include ABS UHF anti-metal RFID tag, PCB UHF anti-metal RFID tag, glue UHF anti-metal RFID tag, UHF anti-metal ceramic RFID tag, and flexible printable metal RFID tags. And can be made into various styles and shapes, such as bar, square, and round. Widely used in power asset management,  logistics tray management, asset tracking, metal shelf management, enterprise asset management, equipment management, dangerous goods management of field metal management, etc..

1. PCB UHF anti-metal RFID tag 

UHF anti-metal PCB RFID tag is suitable for attaching to metal surface and working normally. Antenna is specially designed. This kind of PCB anti-metal RFID tag attached to the surface of a metal object can still achieve the performance of ordinary RFID tags on the surface of objects such as wood objects and cartons. It has great application value.

2. ABS UHF anti-metal RFID tag 

ABS UHF anti-metal RFID tag has the characteristics of sunscreen, waterproof and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in logistics management. It can achieve the informationization and modernization of logistics management, improve the logistics management level and management efficiency, and reduce the management cost. Anti-metal RFID tag is a multi-functional high-intensity UHF on-metal tag widely used in Intelligent warehouse management, automobile parts, trays management, etc..

3. Ceramic UHF anti-metal RFID tag 

Ceramic anti-metal RFID tag can be installed on metal surface and has strong corrosion resistance, which can be used in harsh working environment. Mainly used in component tracking, asset management. 

4. Glue UHF anti-metal RFID tag 

Encapsulated by the combination of foam and glue, which is low cost but relatively limited reading distance. This kind of anti-metal RFID tag is suitable for outdoor use, such as outdoor power equipment inspection, tower wire rod inspection, elevator inspection, etc..

These are some of the common RFID anti-metal tag types, the above characteristics are why people love to use them, the RFID anti-metal tag can solve a lot of problems for people. As a professional China RFID tag manufacturer, we offer customers with various RFID tags and labels, you can contact to tell us your demands, and we will offer you the best RFID products and service.

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