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What is RFID inlay & RFID inlay Benefits

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The RFID inlay consists of two parts. An integrated circuit or microchip that stores personal identifying information, which attaches to a small coil of aluminum, copper or silver wires called the antenna, which transmits and receives radio frequency signals. The microchip and antenna are then placed on a label, and the entire unit is encased in plastic. Antennas can be made of silver, aluminum or copper, with each material producing very specific read and write characteristics because of the different chemical properties.

Dry inlay, consists of chip, antenna, epoxy glue, film or wet inlay (with adhesive backing), it can be directly embedded into third-party products or converted into finished products in a series of applications, including.

Principle of work

Data from the microchip passes to the RFID tag's antenna, where it is read by the antenna of an RFID reader and passed onto a host computer system for archival purposes, processing or analysis.

Types of RFID inlay

RFID inlays are classified as "Wet Inlay" or "Dry Inlay". If an adhesive is applied to the inlay to adhere it to a pressure-sensitive liner that comprises the label, RFID inlays are considered "wet RFID inlay". When the RFID inlay is attached to the label without the use of an adhesive, RFID inlays are considered "dry inlay".

RFID inlay

Benefits of RFID inlay

1. Proven success on major large-scale projects.

2. Innovative and flexible bond production processes.

3. Integrating various standard and special production materials. Using customized antenna design and dimensions with a variety of shapes and dimensions available.

4. Special inlay frequency tuning (e.g., suitable for on metal applications).

5. High-capacity manufacturing plant for large volume production (ISO-9001 certified).

6. Can provide in-house conversion process to build RFID labels, RFID tags, and ticket applications.

7. RFID-chip programming options (available at a premium cost).

8. Available in a more complex RFID inlay design with dual RFID chips and antennas or in a battery-enabled design (e.g., active inlays).

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