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What are the professional classifications of anti-metal tags?

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The RFID anti-metal tags are divided into different types because the different materials that they are made of. And anti-metal tags can be made into various styles and shapes, such as bar, square, and round. 

These RFID tags are widely used in power asset management, enterprise asset management, equipment management, dangerous goods management of field metal management, logistics tray management, asset tracking, metal shelf management, etc..

Now, we'll show you a few common anti-metal tag types through the material of the RFID tags.

1. ABS UHF anti-metal RFID tag

ABS UHF anti-metal RFID tag has the characteristics of sunscreen, waterproof and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in logistics management. RFID UHF anti metal tags can achieve the informationization and modernization of logistics management, improve the logistics management level and management efficiency, and reduce the management cost. 

Main applications: logistics management, bags, pallets, containers, shelves, equipment, fixed assets, etc..

2. PCB UHF anti-metal RFID tag

PCB UHF anti-metal RFID tags can be directly pasted on the metal surface without tedious installation work. The PCB UHF anti-metal RFID tag is suitable for use on the car license plate, also suitable for the outdoor power equipment inspection, tower pole inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessel steel cylinder steam bottles, all kinds of electrical household appliances product tracking, asset management, logistics management, auto parts process management. 

3. Glue UHF anti-metal RFID tag

Encapsulated by the combination of foam and glue, which is low cost but relatively limited reading distance. This glue UHF anti-metal RFID tag is suitable for outdoor use, such as outdoor power equipment inspection, tower wire rod inspection, elevator inspection, etc..

4. Ceramic UHF anti-metal RFID tag

Ceramic RFID anti-metal tag can be installed on metal surface and has strong corrosion resistance, the ceramic anti metal rfid tag can be used in harsh working environment. Mainly used in component tracking, asset management.  

5. Flexible UHF anti-metal tag (printable) 

Flexible UHF anti-metal tag (printable) can be bent. It is used for metal surface. The printable anti-metal tag has good properties of good anti-metal, excellent performance, good direction and long distance reading. Can be applied to RFID asset management, cylinder tracking, traffic control, logistics management, dangerous goods management and so on.

In addition to the above materials, there are other materials of printable anti-metal tags, if you are interested in the RFID anti-metal tags, you can rest assured to contact us, a professional China printable anti-metal tag supplier, and we will provide more details and professional advice on them.

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