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What Should We Choose, Dumb Cards or Smart RFID Cards?

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When you hesitate to choose a dumb card or smart RFID card, you should consider what do you want your card to do, how many functionality do you need, how safe must it be, and how fast does the card need to be read?

Dumb cards: These are RFID cards with a magnetic stripe or bar code on them that usually do only simple things: they can open a door or pull up a food service or library account. Staff members typically swipe these RFID cards to enter a building, which is easy enough to do. However, the wear and tear of swiping reduces the card’s lifespan.

Smart RFID cards: These RFID cards provide a host of options. They are contactless and use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology; students tap their smart RFID cards onto a reader and they are logged in, quickly and easily. Readers can be installed on buses, in the classroom, in the cafeteria, in the gym, or in the auditorium, the RFID card makes tracking students extremely efficient. In fact, some configurations can process a thousand students in just minutes.

Smart RFID cards are coded with a unique ID number that is assigned to one individual; it’s the back-end computer that maintains all the information on that person. This means that additional functionality can be added quickly, all at once, at any time, on the base computer. School districts can start with a straightforward ID system, and add features at a later date when budgets or needs change.

Some smart RFID card manufacturers can interact with legacy card programs - those ID card systems that are already in a school district. So the upgrade to smart technologies doesn’t always mean the existing service cannot be used.

RFID cards are used at cafeteria registers and at libraries to check out books. The database carries personal schedule information, and RFID cards are checked by hall monitors using mobile devices to verify that students are going to the correct class for the proper period.

Accountability and Control: ID cards are tapped for events that take place in buildings after school and/or at night. Students tap in to attend a sporting event, dance, concert, or any other school-sponsored program, which adds accountability and control to event administrators and lets them know who is in the venue for that event. 

It’s important to plan ahead. With the pace of technology advances, make sure you find a partner that understands the needs you have today, what you might want in the future, and how you can plan to get there. And now that you’re armed with these important ideas, you can find an ID card system that works best for your schools. 

Sunorient would like to help you create and build your own ID card system and RFID cards. If you need any help, please let us know.

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