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What Is the RFID Inlay?

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The RFID inlay is in a smart label, it comprises the chip and aluminum, copper or silver antenna bonded to a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) layer that is delivered to the label maker "dry" (without adhesive) or "wet" (attached to a pressure sensitive liner). The RFID inlay is adhered to the back side of the label, printed and encoded in an RFID printer. Common related items are RFID tag, RFID reader, RFID printer and RFID.

Radio-frequency identification, or RFID technology provides identifying information about a person or an object, much like barcode technology does. The RFID inlay -- which can be as small as a grain of rice -- is the functional part of an RFID tag or label that encodes the identifying information. The RFID inlay uses radio frequency waves to relay information to a computer system via an RFID reader.



The RFID inlay consists of two components. An integrated circuit or microchip that stores personal identifying information attaches to a small coil of aluminum, copper or silver wires called the antenna, which transmits and receives radio frequency signals. The microchip and antenna are then placed on a label, and the entire unit is encased in plastic.

How It Works

Data from the microchip passes to the RFID tag's antenna, where it is read by the antenna of an RFID reader and passed onto a host computer system for archival purposes, processing or analysis.

Different Types

RFID inlays are classified as "wet" or "dry". RFID inlays are considered "wet" if an adhesive is applied to the inlay, to adhere it to a pressure-sensitive liner that comprises the label. RFID Inlays are considered "dry" when the inlay is attached to the label without the use of an adhesive.

Through these descriptions, you are sure to know something about the RFID inlay. For more concrete application information, you can refer to related products, RFID inlay products will help you better understand its application principle.

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