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What Are The Uses of Our RFID Smart Cards

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As the IT development in world has enhanced to great extent, the data transfer, storage and authorization has become necessity; which has given the birth to smart card systems.

SUNORIENT is a professional China RFID Smart Cards manufacturer in the RFID industry. We have a large client base that appreciates the quality of the RFID Smart Cards that we offer. We make use of high grade base materials and sophisticated technology in the development of these RFID Smart Cards and they are specifically designed and developed for use in diverse industrial sectors and in numerous other identification applications. The smart cards offered by us are highly acclaimed and widely appreciated by our clients owing to their reliability and durability.

These smart cards (plain white or printed) are available in PETG / PVC base material and are custom manufactured. Conforming to ISO standards, these RFID cards are available in LF, HF, UHF and dual frequencies.

SUNORIENT provides various smart cards and able to provide A smart card favor a RFID credit card in size and shape, but internally it is totally change. First of all, it has an inside -- a credit card is a basic piece of plastic covered. The inside of a smart card generally holds an plant microprocessor. The microprocessor is under a gold contact pad on one side of the card. Smart magnetic chip cards are now widely used and its embedded with the gold contact strip of backside of the credit card or debit card.

Smart cards are much more popular in most of the world especially in the financial sectors, such as banks related to the credit cards , the health insurance and banking industries all use smart cards. Nowadays, each of the citizen holds a smart card for health insurance basically.

Usage of Smart Cards:

1. Student Attendance and/or Auto Roll call

2. Employee/Staff Attendance

3. Access Control

4. Smart card as Debit Cards

5. TOLL Collections

6. Smart card as Patient History card

7. Smart card as POS (Point of Sale) or Petro-cards

8. Smart card as Library cards

Smarts cards will have up to 8 KB of RAM, 346 KB of ROM, 256 KB of programmable ROM, and a 16-bit microprocessor. The smart RFID card uses a serial interface and receives its power from external sources like a smart card reader. The processor uses a minimum steps of group for applications such as cryptography.

For more information about the smart RFID card, you can read our related article, browse related products, or contact us directly. We will give you professional RFID product solutions.

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