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Waterproof High Frequency Anti-metal RFID Tag

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Radio Frequency Identification (RF ID) is just one of many identification technologies for identifying objects. The heart of the RF ID system lies in an information carrying tag. In general, radio frequency identification tags are capable of retaining and, in operation, transmitting a substantial amount of information--sufficient information to uniquely identify individuals, packages, inventory and the like.

  • AMT0032
  • 8523521000  

Product Description                                 

RFID anti-metal label can work in high temperature environments with stable performance. This passive UHF anti-metal labels is moderate size and performs exceptionally well on metal surface. We are updating and adding RFID products to our website continually. Please contact us if there is a particular anti-metal Tag you are searching but cannot find it.

Product Characteristics                             

1.Optional Chip

2.perform perfect on metal surface

3.Durable material

4.Stable performace in harsh Environment

5. passive UHF anti-metal label

Data Sheet                                              

Model No. AMT0032
Material Ceramics
Chip Alien H3/H4,Monza4/5,UCODE7
Antenna Silver Print
Protocol EPC Class1Gen2(ISO18000-6C)
Size 25*25*2.7mm       28*28*4.5mm(With Shell)
Operating Frequency 902 ~ 928MHz
Reading Range Fixed reader 4.5m(EIRP1W)
The test distance is according to the environment and antenna gain
Operating temperature  -25 ~ 85 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ~ 150 ℃
Installation Gum 3M9495 300LSE(-40~120℃)
Protection class IP68
Electrostatic protection 2000V
Memory capacity EPC 96Bits ;TID  32Bits ;User 512Bits
Data Tetention 50 years
Programming Cycles 100,000 times

Product Size

Anti-metal tag sizeProduct Package

Anti-metal tag package

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