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The application of RFID inlay in the luggage tracking

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The RFID tag in a smart label. It comprises the chip and aluminum, copper or silver antenna bonded to a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) layer that is delivered to the label maker "dry" (without adhesive) or "wet" (attached to a pressure sensitive liner). The RFID inlay is adhered to the back side of the label and printed and encoded in an RFID printer. See RFID tag, RFID reader, RFID printer and RFID inlays are delivered to the label maker in a roll such as these dual dipole "Frog" inlays from UPM Raflatac. They are adhered to the back of the smart label, which is then printed and encoded in an RFID printer.

Asset tracking enables companies to uniquely identify any object by affixing or embedding an RFID tag. RFID Tracked assets enable workflow optimization, real-time inventory management or location services and help reduce human error.


Sunorient high-tech luggage labels that allow you to track the exact location of your bags from your PHONE.


1. Sunorient is rolling out RFID technology for luggage labels to flights from Heathrow. 

2. Microchips are embedded in RFID labels that are scanned by antenna in the airport.

3. Data can then be used to transmit the location of the luggage to passengers.

4. They can check where their bags are by using a map on their mobile phone. 


A niggling doubt that your bag won't arrive at your destination is part and parcel of taking a plane for your holiday. But one airline uses RFID inlays to offer its passengers the chance to consign this niggling doubt to history.


Sunorient is rolling out RFID microchips that are embedded in RFID luggage labels that enable passengers, using the airline's app, to track their luggage onto the plane and onto the luggage carousel at the other end. For more RFID inlays and RFID tags, you can feel free to contact us to tell us your need.



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