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The Top 10 Benefits of Using RFID for Events

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be defined as follows: Automatic identification technology which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to identify objects carrying RFID tags when they come close to a reader.

Chances are, you've heard the buzz about RFID for events. The wireless event tech has become standard at the country's top music festivals, with fans proudly wearing their RFID wristbands year-round like badges of honor. But RFID (which stands for Radio Frequency Identification) isn't just for the huge music festivals anymore. From cashless food and drink festivals to races using RFID badges, the tech can be used for all types of events to delight attendees with shorter lines and interactive experiences.

The benefits of RFID technology for events go far and wide for organizers and their attendees alike. Fans can choose to link their emails, social media profiles, and even wallet with their RFID wristbands or badges before the event to engage in new ways day-of. Beyond streamlining entry and lines within the event, RFID technology enables fans to connect in new ways with you, your sponsors, and each other.

Here are the four most exciting things you can do with RFID at your event:

1. Get attendees inside quickly

No one enjoys waiting in lines. One of the best things about RFID is that it can seriously speed up event entrance. When Sunorient switched to RFID, they were able to scan in more than 20 people per minute at each gate. That's upwards of 1,200 people per hour for each scanner.

With RFID technology, attendees simply wave their RFID wristband or badge over a sensor to get in. No more digging in purses to find tickets, or struggling to make scanners process wet or wrinkled barcodes. The tech can seamlessly handle re-entry for multi-day events, or provide easy access to multiple zones within an event (like a VIP area).

This also makes it easier for your security team, who no longer has to be trained to operate and interpret scanning equipment. Instead, the RFID equipment simply lights up green ("go") or red ("stop") when scanned. This reduces the human error of ticket scanning, and helps cut down on staff needed at the gates.

2. Improve your event with real-time insights

RFID products give you immediate insight into how foot traffic flows through your event. For multi-day events, this means you can use RFID data from the first day to change your gate layout or add extra lanes. The data can help organizers learn where to place concession stands, toilets, and sponsor booths to eliminate bottlenecks within the event - or to figure out which performers or speakers were most popular.

3. Eliminate fraud

Unlike traditional print-at-home tickets, RFID chip tickets have a unique identifier that makes them nearly impossible to duplicate - making counterfeit tickets a thing of the past. And if attendees lose their tickets, you can help them without worrying about copies. Since the RFID tickets are associated with individual IDs, you can instantly deactivate the lost wristband or badge and issue a new one.

4. Upgrade attendee engagement onsite

Once attendees receive their RFID badge or wristbands, there are endless ways to engage on-site. One of the most popular is RFID-enabled photo booths. By simply tapping their wristband or badge at the photo booth, attendees can automatically email themselves their pictures. This option is especially popular for sponsor activities, as a way to engage attendees and collect their contact information for lead generation.

And for events with lots of last-minute sales, organizers can speed up fulfillment by assigning RFID badges and wristbands to attendees as they arrive on-site. Instead of searching for a pre-assigned badge or RFID wristband for each attendee, staff can use a mobile app to assign RFID on the spot — eliminating chaos for staff and getting attendees inside faster.

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