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The Reason Of You Should Use Pet Microchip

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Some one injects chip into his pet, why? That won't be hurt? What is the function of that chip? Let us answer your question. It Is Harmless To Your Pets.

The biggest feature of pet microchip is the chemical stability is good,small size(uncooked grain of rice),  

durable, can also read and write. It is fully automated manufacturing and direct-bonding technology ensure RFID tag reliability. The material is biochemical coating, bioglass, antibacterial, anti-allergy, making it harmless to animals. We offer sizes to fit any animal, from fish and small mammals, to cats, dogs and horses.

Function1: Permanent Identification

Having a microchip gives a pet the best protection if he gets lost.Register your pet's microchip in a database, such as the Home Again National Pet Recovery Database, with your contact information so you can be contacted when your lost pet is found. Also, remember to keep your contact information up to date whenever you move or change phone numbers.

Function2:Control Your Pet's Diets

Microchip pet feeder designed for multi-pet homes to stop pets stealing each others'food. It ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet.

Function3:Stop Unwanted Animals from Entering Your Home

Do you want to give your own pet a door key? We provide you a key like a grain of rice carry by your pet. The key is called pet microchip.

Injecting a microchip with data under the skin between the shoulder blades. Install a scanner on the pet doors. That is a perfect access control for pets.

Microchips implanted under the skin have now been around for several years. The microchip will last your pet's lifetime. What feels better than having a lost pet back at home with you? Don't be hesitate to give your pet a unique identification number.

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