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The RFID anti-metal Tag in Asset Tracking Application

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Anti-metal assets tag in most all shapes and sizes can be tracked with RFID, there are many industries currently using RFID systems to successfully track valuable assets of all types, such as pallets, tools, and weapons.

Regardless of whether it’s physical, mobile, or IT assets, you need to track them to know their status, location, maintenance schedule, and other pertinent information. The RFID anti-metal tags can help you to ensure that they don’t become lost or stolen, and it helps you to avoid all of the time, cost, and productivity required to locate or replace lost and missing assets.

The anti metal tag of Sunorient facilitates real-time location awareness and intelligence about high-value mobile medical assets. Housed in a small, hospital-grade form factor, the anti-metal asset tracking tag delivers real-time positioning data so that healthcare personnel can track and log the locations, movements or statuses of patient care equipment anywhere within a campus style hospital or assisted living facility. 

The RFID asset tracking tag of Sunorient features anti-tamper detection to help guard against unauthorized asset handling or tag removal from the protected asset. The RFID anti-metal tags also include a user programmable wireless call button, which when pressed transmits real-time positioning data that identifies the protected anti-metal RFID tags can help businesses by:

1. Reducing the loss of equipment and size of equipment inventory

2. Improving customer service by making it possible to locate the closest clerk when needed

3. Accelerating reaction time for an event needing a quick response

4. Enhancing patient care by helping staff quickly find the required device

These are just a few examples of how RFID tags are evolving to increase asset utilization and profitability.

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