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The Describtion of Printing RFID card

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SUNORIENT is a leading China RFID card manufacturer for Identification, Access control, loyalty programs and Security applications. Our RFID products are of highest quality standards and are in compliance with ISO standards.

Plastic RFID cards have become part of almost every person's life, from driver's licenses to credit cards, employee identification badges to access control cards, gift and affinity cards for retail purchases to club memberships. Their standard credit-card size, convenience, durability, cost effectiveness and customizability have made their use commonplace and the preferred choice for a large number of these applications.


Printing directly onto plastic (PVC) RFID cards with digital card printers offers the ability to create personalized or custom RFID cards on demand which can be tailored to specific applications at the point of issuance. The resulting high quality and professional-looking RFID cards are durable, smooth-surfaced, and can be printed with full image from edge-to-edge.

These RFID technology cards can also include security features such as security holographic overlaminates, or machine-readable information such as bar codes, magnetic stripes, smart chips and prox card technology.

Card Printing Specifications

PVC RFID cards come in a variety of sizes but the most common PVC card is the CR-80, which measures 0.030″ (0.76 millimetres) in thickness, and has dimensions of 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ (approx: 54 mm x 86 mm), the same as your typical credit card. Other available options include adhesive-backed cards for affixing to proximity access cards, magnetic stripes or embedded electronics for encoding, and signature panels for user verification.

Preprinted Cards

An economical and professional-looking option for printing high quantities of cards is to order pre-printed PVC RFID cards and then print only the variable information on-site using a desktop card printer.  This is popular with organizations who have strict requirements for brand-compliance (specific Pantone colours only), or where the variable information being printed is only required in one colour.

For example, if a member's name, ID number and expiry date need to be printed in only black text on a RFID card containing a two-colour logo, the organization can achieve cost savings by ordering professionally developed, two-colour pre-printed RFID cards and then print their member information using a more economical single-colour (usually black resin) ribbon. However, if the variable information being printed includes text and a colour ID photograph, most users should still choose to print the complete custom RFID card using full-colour ribbon on inexpensive white PVC RFID cards.

Data Management and Card Issuance

PVC card printers and computer database systems can be directly integrated with image capture systems (digital cameras, etc.) at point of delivery. The printing process is fast so that RFID cards can be generated and personalized while the customer, employee, member or cardholder waits, quickly connecting them to your organization or program.

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