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The Benefits of RFID Inlay in Library

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RFID tag is mainly used for effectively managing your library operation and detecting missing books. The RFID based system has a tracking system that moves beyond security with efficient tracking of materials inside the library. These systems provide you services like easier and quicker charge and discharge, proper listing of books and material management.

Library Management

Reduction of staff duties

With the automation of many staff duties, it is possible that a reduction in staff may follow. 

Reduction of staff injuries 

The repetitive motion required by bar code scanners, including flipping an item and angling it correctly, cost libraries millions of dollars a year in work place injuries. Some libraries, look to RFID as a way to reduce the repetitive stress injuries caused by sustained and repetitive motion connected to circulation duties especially. Research varies as to the amount of workman’s compensation claims that are connected to repetitive stress injuries caused by circulation duties, and to what level RFID technology will reduce these injuries and claims. 


Correctly operating readers and tags can have near 100% detection rates. Since the tags and sensors communicate with the Integrated Library System it is possible to know exactly which items are moving out of the library. The high reliability is especially important when RFID is used in theft detection.

Time Saving

Using RFID inlay, you are able to reduce the amount of time required to perform circulation operations. A lot of time can be saved by librarians which is spent on checking out and checking in borrowed items. The procedure of borrowing and returning become easier and faster.

RFID technology plays an important role in book management. I believe RFID technology will bring us more convenience.

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