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The Application of Smart Cards

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Smart Cards provide a new set of technologies with a great deal of promise. Smart Cards provide a secure, portable platform for "any time, anywhere" computing that can carry and manipulate substantial amounts of data, especially an individual's personal digital identity. 

Java's portability allows Smart Cards to become a general-purpose computing platform and creates a potentially huge market for application software and development. Whether this market will diversify in the way personal computing has remains to be seen.

Still, there are some clearly defined markets that will adopt Smart Cards in the next few years. The most immediate areas in which Smart Cards have been establishing their positions include: 


Financial services - Financial institutions are looking to use Smart Cards to deliver higher value-added services to businesses and consumers at a lower cost per transaction. These services include money on a RFID card, corporate card programs, and targeted marketing programs based on analysis of consumers' buying patterns.

Affinity programs - Airlines, retailers, and other companies that offer a range of ancillary services and loyalty programs along with their basic product want to use Smart Cards to deliver these programs with a higher level of service, improved ease of use, and at a lower cost. For example, airlines want to use Smart RFID Cards not only as a vehicle for issuing and carrying tickets - even though the single benefit of being able to securely order/provide a ticket directly to chip cards via the Internet is substantial. Airlines also want to use the RFID cards to provide tie-ins to their frequent-flyer programs and to cross-marketing deals with auto rentals and hotels, as well as to provide simplified access to private airline lounges.

Transportation - The Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council white paper, EMV and Parking, was developed in partnership with the International Parking Institute. The updated white paper provides parking industry stakeholders with an educational resource about the critical aspects of deploying an EMV solution in the parking infrastructure. The white paper provides an overview of EMV chip technology and describes key considerations and refreshed implementation scenarios for parking industry stakeholders who want to accept and process EMV chip transactions in both attended and unattended environments. 

Set-top boxes - Subscription satellite and cable services suffer from fraud problems similar to those in the cellular phone business. Once again, Java RFID Cards offer security and the ability to add/update customer functions available to consumers in real time.

Secure network access - RFID Smart Cards can carry an individual's digital signature. With this ability, they provide a special mechanism to secure access to computer networks within a corporation, they help ensure that only individuals with the proper authority can get access to specific network resources, and they reduce the likelihood that hackers can break into a system.

Other applications of Smart Cards and Java Card technology include: Government, Healthcare, Information Technology, Mobile Communication, Banking, Loyalty Programs, Mass Transit, Driving Licensing, Electronic Toll Collection, Telephone Cards, etc..

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