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The Application of Smart Card

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The smart card is a pocket-sized plastic card with a small chip inserted into it. It is also known as a readable device which provides security verification in large organizations, RFID smart card can store, transmits and records data to a central computer whenever needed. Smart cards have three main functions: authentication, storing personal information, and storing values.

City transportation is an important pillar for quality of citizen life in a city. Currently, in most of cities, public and private road transportation are the key mode of commuting and logistics. Some large and mega cities have metro and local train network as the backbone transportation mode. 

Lack of quality and safe public transportation, inadequate capacity of public transportation, road safety concerns, overcrowded road network, poor traffic management, parking issues remain and so on are key issues in most of the cities. Most cities also lack the integrated transportation plan, it leads to huge demand-supply gap and poor transportation network. For transport operators, huge demand-supply gap, under recovery and poor asset management remain the key issues. 

The smart card is one of the digital icons of the latest information epoch. RFID Smart card technology is made available in the market to gain access for products and services, verifying identity, establishment and to facilitate trade. Recently, Mexico government has issued two millions smart cards for poor people for their cash benefits and distributing food. In a fresh survey, it is found that 27% of smart card applications used within the banking, 18% is used within the welfare and health, and 15% within the transportation. Smart card is also applicable in other applications such as radio security, metering, telecommunications and identification.

Another use of smart cards is stored value, particularly loyalty programs, that track and provide incentives to repeat customers. The stored value of RFID smart card is more convenient and safer than cash. For issuers, float is realized on unspent balances and residuals on balances that are never used.

For multi-chain retailers that administer loyalty programs across many different businesses and POS systems, smart cards can centrally locate and track all data. The application of smart card is numerous, such as transportation, parking, laundry, gaming, retail and entertainment.

The emergence form of smart cards also includesID Card, Key Card, Bank Card and so on, we also provide NFC Smart Card. 

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