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The Advantage of PET Card

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Most standard plastic cards are composed of plastic or PVC material, which is the most inexpensive and common type of RFID card used within the identification industry. PVC cards are generally used in dye sublimation printers and offer graphic-quality surfaces for professional-looking credentials.

However, if you are laminating your cards or using a retransfer printer, it’s highly recommended that you should use a PET card instead of the traditional PVC stock.

What is PET? 

PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. This plastic is received at PET power in the form of granules. 

What are the advantages of PET material?

1. It is shiny.

2. It is unbreakable.

3. It has good barrier properties.

4. It provides a stable quality, even with subsequent uses.

5. It is 100% recyclable.

6. It is suitable for various forms of decoration, including printing, labelling and sleeving.

7. It can be easily produced in wide range of colors.

8. It is clear and transparent.

9. Many end shapes are possible because of the high degree of stretching.

As these features, pet cards are in many ways much better than PVC cards. Actually, it is more durable and longer-lasting, due to the higher heat settings, composite PET material reduces the chances of the card breaking, cracking, melting, or warping.

Additionally, composite pet cards prove to last longer than the standard PVC cards. While the PET cards are more expensive, but you will find yourself replacing these cards less often due to breaking, bending, or tearing as a result of normal, everyday wear and tear.

PET cards are a step up from regular PVC cards. The PET blend is designed for frequent use and can handle extended daily use. These are better able to stand up to heat! Where PVC cards will curl, blended pet cards will stay straight. They can be used in both retransfer and direct to card (DTC) printing.

The pet cards are standard credit card sized so they can be integrated into existing ID systems without requiring all new badge holders or accessories. 

Composite cards are the preferred cards for retransfer (reverse transfer) printing. The retransfer film adheres better to the blend of plastic than just to PVC alone. Along with the other added benefits, composite cards are also perfect for ID badges, membership/loyalty cards, and rewards programs. If using Poly Guard or Thermal Transfer Over laminate, use PET cards for best results.

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