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RFID inlay in Airports

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RFID technology is already widely used in airports. It saves the time of passengers and it is safe.


Which serves approximately 48 million passengers per year on flights to 150 locations, is now using RFID baggage tags for 100 percent of the 40,000 bags that leave the airport every day. Airport has upgraded its former bar-code-based system with radio frequency identification.

The RFID system, which has a higher read rate than the bar-code system, has improved handling capacity, according to an e-mailed response from the corporate communications office of Airport, which operates the airport. "Passengers, airlines and Airport Authority have all benefited from the RFID application," the communications office reports, "in terms of processing efficiency, reliability and capacity enhancement." 

Thanks to luggage tags with embedded RFID inlays, the airport's baggage-processing system is more streamlined. Instead of airport workers having to manually hand-scan each item before it is directed to an airplane for loading, the bags now simply pass fixed interrogators installed at various points along the airport's many long conveyor belts that transport items from check-in to each plane.

Passengers also have the option of using airport check-in desks, located at the Kowloon and train stations, as well as at certain motel properties in the Pearl River Delta area. In such scenarios, the travelers' luggage will still be fitted with RFID-enabled baggage tags, just as they would have received at the airport. 

Increased Passenger Efficiency and Flow: One of the major problems now facing airports and other transportation providers is how to maintain a high level of security and safe environment, while not impeding the efficiency that passengers have always expected. Sunorient RFID technology can help solve this problem.

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