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RFID Tag in The Retail Industry

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Now more and more people choose the RFID tag, which will used for every industry. And now many customers use the RFID tag in the retail industry.

13.56Khz RFID tag for retail

1. Use of RFID Data in Retail

The RFID tag is a small tag that contains a unique serial number. It is placed on objects like shipping pallets or product packages. The smart RFID tag can be attached to all sorts of things like merchandise, shipping containers, vehicles, etc.. An electronic scanner can then use radio signals to read or track the RFID ID tag.

For example, to check inventory, a warehouse worker might use a hand-held RFID reader. The data on the rfid tags might be numbers only, but, once scanned, the numbers can be checked against a computer database to know exactly what the company has on hand. This can be used for identifying situations where no unit of a particular item is available on the shelf in the retail environment. In this manner, it helps to better track shelf availability.

2. Supply Chain Management

RFID supply chain applications can use item-level tagging to help improve product visibility. These applications can let retailers know exactly where goods are in individual pallets and containers, giving increased control over the supply chain process.

Retailers can also use readers installed at the entrance and exit of their warehouse to read RFID tags on shipped items and delivery vehicles. This can help make many warehousing processes much quicker and easier to undertake.

3. Asset Management

RFID can help in asset management as seen below:

Anti-metal RFID tags can be permanently attached to capital equipment and fixed assets.

Fixed-position readers placed at strategic points within a facility can automatically track the movement and location. This information can be used to quickly locate tools or devices to avoid lengthy, manual searches.

Customers are able to locate assets quickly and accurately as RFID technology reads multiple custom RFID tags at once without requiring a line of sight.

4. Security

RFID can be used for two security purposes: access control and protection against theft. For access control, RFID devices such as smart cards, fobs and wristbands can be used as electronic keys. As each individual can be given access to different areas, it means that you can control not only who can enter but also where different employees may and may not go. In cases of emergency, these custom RFID tags can also be used to locate members of staff who are in the building so that emergency services know where to find them.

With regards to theft, both stock and company equipment can be tagged. This means that if anyone takes an item out of the building without permission or which is not paid for, scanners on the exits can set off an alarm.

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