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RFID EM4305 Glass tag Transponder with Syringe for Animal Tracking

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Recently we have added a new product, the RFID glass transponder. An enhanced transponder implant system helps to quickly and efficiently tag RFID tags on most animals, including pets, cattle, sheep, horses, fish, birds or reptiles. 

RFID glass transponder tag

The Sunorient product is equipped with three components in a blister pack: a cannula;  a glass tube label mounted in the cannula. Compatible with ISO11784 and 11785 standards, the RFID glass transponder is available worldwide and is available in biocompatible glass with 3 different sizes of transponders. The package is encoded in a unique ICAR or can be encoded using the country or manufacturer code provided by the customer.

Other advantages, the thin stainless steel sleeve facet cut, can be injected quickly and easily. The sleeve package also features a luer lock connector, a thin probe and a tip protection cap. The probe is designed for single use to avoid virus transmission. In addition, there is a micro silicon dot on the inside of the tip of the tip to prevent the transponder from accidentally falling off. The RFID glass transponder is sterilized with ethylene oxide gas for a minimum sterilization duration of 5 years.

In addition, the transponder can also be coated with a parylene coating to make the label position under the skin of the animal more stable.

The glass transponders are suited for applications where data shall only be read from the transponder (Read Only) as well as for applications where data shall be written to and read from the chip (Read/Write mode) thus providing a high security level. Thanks to providing a unique ID, the transponders allow for easy handling with minimum effort.

All glass tags undergo a 100% test regarding optical, mechanical and electrical parameters prior to delivery thus guaranteeing highest quality standards.

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