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RFID Animal ID Microchips Em4305/Em4200 RFID Glass Tag Transponders

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RFID glass transponder microchip has appeared our international market . It can record the production of animals. It help us to manage the animal.

Animal glass tube bio-electronic label, operating frequency 134.2KHz., Glass tube electronic label is the standard label RFID tags, customers can use glass tube electronic tags for the second development, into the pigeon, poultry foot ring, as the electronic foot ring, Into the wall, can be used as a tour guide and tour; Into the workpiece, can be used as a production process to track and trace management; Injection into a key, can be used as an electronic key; So the glass tube electronic tags have a wide range of uses, customers can according to their needs, use a variety of RFID glass transponder tags. Glass tube electronic label is characterized by the best chemical stability, small size, durable, immersed in water can also read and write.

The glass enclosure ensures reliable transponder performance, despite potentially harsh conditions in finished tag production and field use. The inherent properties of glass protect embedded electronics from exposure to harsh chemicals, ensure that tag readability is unaffected by immersion in liquids, and provide excellent stability over fluctuating temperatures. Glass Tag devices can be embedded into custom housings and mounted on virtually any surface, such as metal, plastic, wood, paper and water, making them ideal for tracking any form of asset, including but not limited to: tools, equipment, pharmaceuticals, production inventory, metallic kegs, gas cylinders or waste containers.

Among the latest Sunorient innovations, Glass Tag Ultra transponders provide greater read-range performance than any low frequency tags of comparable size, and a generous 512 bits of read-write memory. In addition, rod-shaped transponder units are also available without glass enclosures, for embedding in custom housings.

And we have other RFID tag, like anti-metal tag, plants tag and so on. Regarding RFID products, you can contact us by any time.

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