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NFC bottle sticker tag for wine

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NFC labels stick on bottle cap or body, sealed on bottleneck, customers use NFC mobile to scan the label to know product details (pre-program details into chip, such as URL, batch number, production time, ect). Once open the bottle, sealed or antenna will be damaged, NFC phone can't read any information.

RFID NFC sticker tag

Predication: software or system suppliers can make a APP to detect 2 status of labels. If label is undamaged, NFC mobile can read product details, if damaged, the APP will react a massage "seal is broken"

NFC Bottle Tags from Sunorient are innovative products that, revolutionizes the cosmetics and brewery/ liquor industry by helping in automation, security and prevention of counterfeit products. Our NFC tracking tags are available in HF standard, which is compatible with most tracking solutions due to its adherence to the global frequency standards.

1.High performance with best in class read range while keeping the cost in control.

2.NFC passive RFID labels compatible with mobile phones.

3.Tamper-proof design to prevent counterfeit and duplication, keeping integrity of brand in mind.

4.Compatibility with most modern readers and printers with customization ability.

5.Availability of software solution for easy management with RFID/ NFC tag support.

6.Usable with Industrial solvents, cosmetics bottles, beverage bottles -both alcoholic & non-alcoholic etc. 7. The product is particularly ideal for RFID liquor tracking solutions

Our NFC bottle stickes are suitable for wine, bear and other managements.At the same time , there are other RFID tag, like animal tag, anti-metal tag,plant tag. They can be suitable of various industries. We are the leader manufacture , we will provide the best products and service.

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