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NFC anti-counterfeiting technology

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In recent years, the news of alcohol counterfeiting is often exposed by various media. Although many famous liquor enterprises have taken some anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent it, the results have been little.Driven by huge profits, illegal elements still sell fake products in various ways.When fake alcohol enters the market, consumers become the most direct victims. It will bring harm to consumers' health and even lead to death from alcohol poisoning.For liquor companies, fake wine will affect their reputation on the one hand, and on the other hand will have a certain impact on their sales volume.

13.56Mhz NFC tag

View of the present status of the wine companies anti-counterfeiting, wins the horse for wine enterprises of science and technology based on NFC technology security solutions, to ensure that each bottle of wine has a unique "id card" - carries an anti-counterfeit label for the NFC and consumers through android phones with a NFC function can query the authenticity of a wine.At present, both remy Martin and maotai adopt NFC anti-counterfeiting technology.

The NFC anti-counterfeiting query system of  Sunorient is a new generation of anti-counterfeiting third-party platform integrating cloud computing, cloud storage, NFC and mobile Internet.NFC anti-counterfeiting query system consists of four parts: NFC anti-counterfeiting tag, NFC reader, data center and mobile APP.

NFC sticker

  1. NFC anti-counterfeiting tags, each of which has the unique chip serial number in the world, cannot be copied.NFC anti-counterfeiting label is affixed to the bottle cap to prevent transfer and destroy after use.

2. NFC reader, customers of liquor enterprises log in the PC terminal to operate the background, connect the NFC reader, and write the relevant information of wine into the NFC anti-counterfeiting label;

3. Data center, storing all kinds of product information, can read product information in NFC anti-counterfeiting labels when the product is searched for authenticity through the APP on the mobile phone;

4. Mobile phone APP, as link carries an anti-counterfeit label for the data center and NFC channel, to the end consumer brand-new anti-counterfeiting query experience: phone (android phones with a NFC function) open the winning horse NFC anti-counterfeiting query APP, to connect to the Internet, close to the wine, with an anti-counterfeit label for the NFC instantly know wine the authenticity of information.

The NFC tag advantage

  1. Uniqueness of NFC anti-counterfeiting labels.Sunorient provide each carries an anti-counterfeit label for the NFC has a unique serial number in the world, and written to the tag information dynamic digital encryption technology, adopts the advanced label information cannot be copied.In addition, NFC anti-counterfeiting labels adopt fragile materials to ensure that the labels cannot be transferred.

2. Convenient security query.Anti-counterfeiting query system based on NFC technology, making the anti-counterfeit query becomes more convenient: will with the function of NFC android mobile phone near the NFC anti-counterfeiting labels on the bottles (mobile phone in a connected state), mobile phones can show the authenticity of wine information;

3. NFC anti-counterfeiting tags can carry rich information.In addition to verifying the authenticity of the wine, other information related to the wine can also be read: information of the wine company, production date, origin, specifications, etc.

NFC tags improve our quality of life, so that our life does not appear counterfeit products. For other products, like animal tag , anti-metal tag or RFID card, you can visit our website.

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