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Metal Tags Tracking and football with RFID Technology

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An on-metal radio frequency identification (RFID) tag manufacturer(SUNORIENT) for asset-tracking has the maritime container shipping sector in its sights after launching a new product series.


"We use the Zebra Sports practice system to track our players and monitor their participation and performance throughout the season." says Sean Payton, Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints. "The statistical information provided by the RFID solution Zebra has proven to be a vital asset to our staff in evaluating and training our entire squad. " Adding the RFID tracking capabilities to the ball will take things to another level for usIn the future RFID technology will become more and more popularalls used in every NFL game this season after being tested last season during the preseason and in Thursday night games.

These RFID tags are similar to the technology used in logistics and manufacturing operations around the world to wirelessly communicate location data and speed. Each NFL player wore an RFID chip in his shoulder pads during games in 2015.

RFID tag manufacturer SUNORIENT has added new additions to its Trak Series that are more versatile and accommodate multiple attachment methods for more applications, you can see various metal RFID cards on his website.

The UHF RFID Container Trak 902-928MHz tag has a 20-meter read range and a new anti-UV industry grade polymer casing that is IP68 rated, meaning the RFID tag can withstand harsh outdoor environments and exposure to water and contaminants. These new RFID tags for Container Trak, attached by using a rivet hole, a cable tie, or with high-performance adhesives, RFID tags even have an operating temperature range of -40 degrees Celcius to +85 degrees Celcius. Metal RFID tags can be attached to vehicle chassis and used in trailer tracking, unit load device identification, logistics and yard management.

DHe also mentioned, "These new RFID tags have expanded our high-performance RFID solutions to a wider variety of applications and environments. With the release of the new Trak Series RFID tags, we can help our clients extend the value of our high-performance RFID tags, whether they are used in a warehouse, on a vehicle chassis, or exposed to water, extreme temperatures, or other harsh conditions."

In the future, RFID technology and RFID cards will become more and more popular.

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