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Introduction to NFC tag For Fridge Magnet

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A near field communication tag (NFC tag) is a sticker with small microchips that can be read by in range mobile devices. Information is stored in these microchips.


NFC tag has the ability to send data to other mobile phones with NFC capabilities. NFC tags also perform a variety of actions, such as changing handset settings or launching a website. This may be the application that NFC was really waiting for.


Sunorient have released an NFC enabled fridge magnet which allows consumers to purchase a number of their drinks brands. Place the fridge magnet on your fridge (or any other metal object including your work desk), tap the magnet with your NFC enabled mobile phone, and the integrated NFC tag will take you directly to a special website.


The NFC tag will work with both Android and iPhone NFC enabled phones, and the magnets themselves are available in six different designs. NFC authentication product has anti-counterfeit benefits, user contact benefits, customer support benefits. Relative to most product costs, it adds very little. The aim of RFID technology is ultimately to speed up and simplify the administration. NFC tags are pre-populated with messages, enabling the healthcare is professional to very quickly and accurately request an action.


NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. NFC tags, for example stickers, contain small microchips with little aerials which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device, such as a mobile phone.


Today, NFC refers to NFC tags in terms of NFC stickers, labels or inlays. Other NFC items such as RFID NFC wristbands, keyfobs or even drinks mats we refer to as NFC products. While the form of the product is various, inside there will be the same basic NFC tag with a chip, antenna and something to keep it together.

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