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Introduction to NFC Tag For Wine

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With the development of society, electronic technology is slowly being popular. Award winning Scottish whisky producer is adding NFC tags to two of their flagship whisky bottles. The NFC tag, which will be integrated into hang tags are designed to increase customer engagement with the brand.


The distillery was founded in 2005 on the island of Islay. The first to be based there for more than 124 years. The brand's message is 'From Barley To Bottle' and it has been building a base of whisky enthusiasts with it's Club. The aim of the club is to keep drinkers involved with the brand and provides them with information, impels product discounts and exclusive access to the new releases.


The NFC label will be provided by Sunorient - one of the few companies that are making real progress in the market at the moment. Their 'Speed Tap' technology will connect drinkers who tap the tags with a specially designed interface made for Red Wine. The RFID tag technology allows real-time analysis of user activity, and the ability to change content based on the feedback as the campaign progresses.


"We fully recognize the importance of connecting directly with our customers and providing experiences that are informative, educational and interesting." said Anthony Wills, Founder and Managing Director of Red Wine. "Sunorient’s NFC tag solution is an ideal way to deliver this content in a seamless and simple format. We believe the NFC tag will help wine strengthen existing relationships and establish many new ones."


“Given the success Ba badillo experienced in using Open Sense tags with Versos 1891, we were eager to explore other ways to deploy the technology,” said Alvaro Alés, director, marketing and communications.


One of our customers said, “As a years of winery which have a good reputation, connecting directly with consumers has always been important to us. Sunorient NFC tags give us a proven channel, through which to easily and effectively accomplish that.”


We believe that with the development of NFC technology, NFC tags and wine will be better matched, and they will develop rapidly simultaneously.

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