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How does RFID Card work for transportation system

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Public transportation is on the rise, to ease the traffic in congested city centers and to deliver solutions that match the growing environmental awareness. Sunorient provides contactless smart ticketing card solutions for millions of users to more than 60 major cities and transport operators worldwide.

Smart and unique RFID ticketing solution

Sunorient contactless smart ticket cards deliver improved ease of use, security and reliability versus traditional magnetic stripe tickets or cards. PET cards provide a durable, water-resistant solution for mass transit applications and have a longer life span than the typical paper ticket card. Sunorient ticket cards are available in various formats and are fully compliant with over 20 certifications from System Integrator as well as national and international standards organizations.

Sunorient smart card service provides you with more than just the actual tickets. We offer you a turnkey industry solution that is fully compatible with your ticketing infrastructure, and includes a ready-to-use, personalized fare media with flexible delivery services.

Reliability in delivery and heavy use

When the flow of passengers stalls, it has an impact on passenger satisfaction and scheduling of public transportation routes. Sunorient offers the following benefits:

1. Benefits to public transport operators

2. Increased security against fraud and reduced revenue loss.

3. Reliability and end user customer satisfaction leading to reduced number of claims and related costs.

4. Increased revenue through new service offerings and multi-services.

5. Lower maintenance costs compared to systems using magnetic card tickets.

6. Operational efficiency and lower costs through improved service planning and maintenance.

Benefits to end users

The smart card offers better customer experience with convenience and ease of use, new payment option, multi-services, reliability and durability of fare media, fast transactions and less queuing at gates.

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