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Get RFID tags To Complete Tasks Efficiently in Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing process is generally seen as complex and knowledge intensive process. But with RFID tags, it’s seems that all the tasks become quickly and efficiently.

RFID tags are used for everything from tracking cows and pets to triggering equipment down oil wells. It may sound trite, but the applications are limited by people’s imagination. The most common applications are tracking goods in the supply chain, reusable containers, high value tools and other assets, and parts moving to a manufacturing production line. RFID technology is also used for security (including controlling access to buildings and networks) and payment systems that allow customers to pay for items without using cash.

RFID technology has risen to become a revolutionary element in supply chain management. It is not just a replacement for barcodes. RFID ensures that the right goods are available in the right place with no discrepancies and zero errors. RFID makes the supply chain considerably more precise and improves the efficiency and reliability of the entire chain. As real-time information is made available, administration and planning processes can also be significantly improved. By utilizing RFID tags and readers, products can be counted in seconds. This is due to the fact that RFID tags can be automatically scanned without being in the line-of-sight of an RFID scanner and multiple tags can be scanned simultaneously. For manufacturers, this translates directly into cost reductions as labor intensive tasks can be carried out faster and more accurately.

Manufacturers can also benefit from increased information gathered with the help of RFID technology. RFID tags can store far more information than conventional barcode labels. This information can be used to optimize production processes. Accurate knowledge of the real-time movements of raw materials and the time needed for specific production steps can be integrated into efficient production planning.

With the help of RFID tags or labels, manufacturers can also benefit from increased information in regards to repair and maintain their machines and equipment. This allows manufacturers to have visibility into valuable data such as: which machine has been repaired or undergone maintenance and when has it been done? This information helps to plan maintenance schedules. Hence, maintenance can become a part of production planning and help to prevent costly production breaks.

RFID technology in manufacturing processes means:

Less manual work

Less costs

Improved visibility

Improved planning

Ability to plan product locations strategically

Over the last few years, more and more companies are integrating RFID technology into their strategic planning, since it provides significant advantages to manufacturing process. There are far more benefits gained by RFID tags implementation into supply chain and logistics operations than just improving identification of products, shipments and assets. Nevertheless, the most common benefits have proven that RFID tags are worth investing in.

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