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Convenient Membership Entry Control with RFID Card

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RFID is used in contactless card payments and Oyster cards and is now available for club entry devices of various types. Make it easy for your members to enter your club by using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology for contactless entry. As with all technology, the price has dropped for this type of device, making RFID card accessible now for most clubs.

Sunorient now offers RFID devices for club membership entry, alongside traditional swipe cards and our reliable fingerprint readers. All devices can be fully personalised with your club branding. RFID card and related RFID technology products can help to reinforce a modern, upmarket image for your club, as it’s still seen as an innovative format.

Choose from these different formats of RFID products, depending on your budget, the amount of club branding, etc. you want to display.

Credit card sized cards: Instead of running a magnetic stripe card through a swipe reader, your members can simply hold the RFID card up close to a proximity reader.

RFID Key fobs: Very popular, these ensure your members always have their membership entry with them, as it can be attached to their key ring. What a great reminder of your club for your members to be carrying around with them all the time.

RFID Wristband: Easy to retain while in the club using equipment, etc..

RFID Stickers: Circular RFID stickers are small enough to attach to watches, phones, etc.. The ultimate in convenient portability.

The RFID reader does not need to be installed by Sunorient – just plug it into a USB port and then open our Membership Validation System (MVS), which will automatically identify and activate it. It’s a quick and easy process to assign members to an RFID device.

So, if you’re a new club, have rebranded or just want to offer the latest thing recently, then contact us to find out how RFID can work for your club. As a leading China custom RFID products manufacturer, we are always ready to provide you with the best RFID products and services.

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