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Application of RFID Tag in The Parking Lot

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In recent years, RFID technology has become more economical and effective, and has been applied to a wide variety of industries – especially the parking lot. After many parking lots have been built, it is clear that parking lots equipped with rfid technology will have lower operating expenses, RFID technology can minimize the possibility of human or machine errors, enhance security and security, and significantly improve the customer experience. 

Today, we will share with you the benefits of applying RFID tags in parking lots.

1. Reduce Operating Expenses

Parking lot RFID solutions can be called different interchangeable names, including: parking management systems, RFID parking systems, and parking lot access control system. Parking lots that implement a parking management system to control access will be able to reduce the usage of parking meters and payment machines or remove them altogether.

Since the system uses automated operations to manage vehicle inventory, manual record keeping can be reduced. These benefits will lower the recurring maintenance and record keeping costs and decrease the number of hours employees need to work. By automating the operation of parking facilities, the workforce can focus on more important tasks, or it can be completely eliminated.

2. Minimize Labor Costs and Human Error

RFID parking management system will reduce the demand for parking facility employees and managers to physically examine the parking lot, because they can receive instant check-in data in real-time, such as how many cars are in the vehicle. Over time, the information can be used to determine peak parking periods and to help management make critical staffing decisions to meet demand.

In addition, parking lot staff will have more time to perform other tasks such as assisting customers and reduces the possibility of repetitive strain injury (RSI) as attendants are no longer need to attach stickers to vehicles, issue permits, perform manual record keeping, or scan tickets with error-prone barcodes. All this is achieved by introducing RFID technology into the parking lot control system.

The RFID parking control system can record all entries and exits for billing and reduce the possibility of theft or human error due to the use of cash and changes. In some cases the RFID system will eliminate the need for any service personnel and significantly reduce labor costs in the form of automated unmanned parking.

3. Enhance Facility Safety and Security

A RFID parking system will keep a lot of cars in and out, RFID technology allows any untagged or suspicious vehicles to be identified and monitored. If necessary, the surveillance camera can be integrated with the system and triggered in different circumstances, providing valuable evidence for fines or criminal prosecutions. You can enter various working hours and holidays in the system to further customize access control. For larger parking lots, the system can manage multiple groups or areas simultaneously, thus improving the safety and security of the whole parking facility.

In general, a safer, more secure parking lot will be favored by employees, customers and managers. Eventually, the RFID parking management system will be necessary for competition in the commercial sector, as the car park owners and operators try to make the car park a faster, happier customer experience, while seeking to reduce spending.


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