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Application of China NFC Sticker in Various Industries

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NFC, also called near-field communication, high frequency wireless communication technology is a short distance, allowing electronic equipment for non-contact point-to-point data transmission between exchange data (within ten centimeters). Unlike contactless IC CARDS, NFC can conduct two-way communication.Data can be read or written as long as it is a product or IC card that supports NFC.It can also communicate between portable products such as mobile phones.This technology evolved from contact-free RFID (RFID) and is compatible with RFID downwards.Due to the natural security of near-field communication, China RFID NFC technology is considered to have great application prospects in mobile payment and other fields.

Phones with NFC technology can be used directly for electronic consumption, downloading coupons and tickets, and as membership CARDS in stores and tourist attractions.NFC users can enjoy the convenience of wireless payment by simply brushing their NFC phones.In the future, NFC will play an important role in the areas of access control, bus and mobile payment.

NFC application:

NFC devices can be used as contactless smart cards, reader terminals of smart CARDS, and data transmission links between devices and devices.It is widely used, and NFC applications can be divided into five basic types:

1. Replace existing CARDS with RFID tags, which makes users feel friendly and portable.The NFC sticker tag is attached to the customer's phone to accomplish what it says is possible with a contactless card.It can realize large terminal customer identity identification, consumption points and special customer service functions.

2. In business promotion, specific information of promotion is written on posters with NFC tags. Customers use mobile phones with NFC card readers to get close to the tags and complete a series of functions of setting in an instant.

3. In mobile payment, store value consumption, points consumption and other systems, NFC stickers can realize high-security business consumption and payment transactions with user password security certification.

4, NFC device data connection and data transmission, data file transfer, such as identification, exchange, data synchronization, data between devices, in all sorts of function between the equipment and the background operation.

5. Other various NFC application functions, NFC is a brand new open system, which is fully combined with the latest information network technology through radio frequency technology, wireless communication technology and the latest information network technology.Will in the next two to five years and bring great changes to people's lives, now has all kinds of consumption management system, customer management system, the commercial promotion system, logistics management, asset management system and other kinds of system, the function of the system through their NFC and depth did a new innovation and upgrade.

It is believed that numerous potential functions make NFC the highlight of an information age, and a new and earth-shaking pattern will definitely take place in the next few years.

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