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About RFID Wet Inlay For Item Tracking

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As the RFID applications expand every area, RFID inlay is a core and cheapest and flexible solution in RFID mass application. With PET substrate, both side of aluminum or copper foil consist of a RFID transponder with etching AL or Cu antenna and golden bump chip by FLIP bonding- it is called RFID dry inlay.

After coating with adhesive glue and shaping in right size, the inlay is called RFID wet inlay. Sandwich by one side or both sides by paper, a RFID label is finished. RFID wet inlays are passive RFID inlays with an adhesive backing that can be either applied to a product directly or converted into smart labels (integrated into a paper or plastic label). “Dry” inlay does not include the adhesive layer. Wet inlays are low cost solution to high volume tagging of products that do not require printed information on the RFID tag.

As any passive tag, RFID wet inlay includes an integrated circuit (IC) or chip that stores and processes tag data and an antenna, which gathers power from the reader to power the tag and enable RFID communication. Passive RFID tags do not include a battery or a transmitter. 

RFID technology can improve the inventory control of returned products and allows the planner to further optimize the inventory planning, particularly if the company uses Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

The aim of supply chain managers in RL is to keep track of shipments and receipts that flow into the different facilities and to know precisely the contents of each case. This control can be completely done using RFID tags while it is not possible with Bar Codes. Indeed the information given to the remote readers gives real time data about the quantity of each batch providing very precise and unique description and position of each product. The manager can follow the products directly and react very quickly in case of problem. Thanks to RFID technology, the reuse rate increase significantly with more accurate real time data.

Sunorient offers market-leading performance and memory options, and are available with a wide variety of high-performance IC platforms. Each product has a unique TID and a broadband RFID antenna design that enables end users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance, in all global UHF frequency regions, with the same tag. This represents a significant competitive and operational advantage for almost any enterprises dealing with manufacturing, distribution and customers located in different parts of the world. The same RFID tag can be used by the manufacturer, the logistics service provider and the retailer, to track and identify products accurately and cost-efficiently throughout the supply chain at item level.

Typical end-use areas:

Item tracking and management

Supply Chain & Asset Management

Industrial Applications


Health care

Sunorient have spent several year to R&D many different kindly of RFID/NFC inlay for diverse applications, now we had our market cover all of the world.

Our assortment of wet inlays constantly changes, so please check back often and let us know if you need help selecting or locating an inlay for a particular application!

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