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9 Benefits of RFID Tags That May Change Your Perspective

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Radio frequency identification technology(RFID technology) has become a part of everyday life for you. It is widely used in access control, biometric passport and public transportation. RFID has also become a vital part of supply chain management improving delivery speed and traceability of cargo.

In many RFID products, RFID tags have been widely used in many occasions.

1. Whether you are concerned with tracking inventory in a warehouse or maintaining a fleet of vehicles, there is a clear need for a fully automated data capture and analysis system that will help you keep track of your valuable assets and equipment.

2. The RFID tag provides unique solutions to difficult logistical tracking of inventory or equipment. The RFID technology is stable, and evolving, with open architectures becoming increasingly available.

3. RFID tags make it easier to implement flexible manufacturing processes. 

4. Reliable track and trace in challenging physical environments.

5. The access to real-time data and analysis that RFID technology provides allows companies to become better and more accurately informed at all times. Having hard data and insights lead to better decision making, which business owners and managers can turn into actions that improve the business. This is the power of RFID data.

6. RFID tag makes your business efficient. Overall, goods and information are handled much more efficiently.

7. RFID technology prevents errors. By cutting out manual processes and replacing them with automated technology, companies often see more accurate results.

8. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags can store more information. Moreover, RFID tag follows instructions/commands of reader. 

9. RFID Benefits Vs. Barcode

The optical nature of barcode requires labels to be "seen" by lasers. That line-of-sight between label and reader is often difficult, impractical, or even impossible to achieve in industrial environments. In order to function properly, a barcode reader must have clean, clear optics, the label must be clean and free of abrasion, and the reader and label must be properly oriented with respect to each other. RFID technology enables tag reading from a greater distance, even in harsh environments.

What’s more, the information imprinted on a barcode is fixed and cannot be changed. Active Wave RFID tags, on the other hand, have electronic memory similar to what is in your computer or digital camera to store information about the inventory or equipment. This information can be dynamically updated.

The advantage of RFID vs. barcode technology:

1. No line of sight requirement.

2. The tag can stand a harsh environment.

3. Long read range.

4. Portable database

5. Multiple tag read/write.

6. Tracking people, items, and equipment in real time.

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