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3 Uses For NFC Tags Straight Out Of The Future

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NFC tag is a very thin like a piece of paper, which is the coil, you can use with the function of NFC mobile phones or computers, to the NFC tags inside write data, for example, if you write an address, telephone number, write well, next time you want to open this web site or dial the telephone number you write in time, you just put the NFC tags and your mobile NFC induction area, the address or telephone number will automatically appear on your phone, very convenient.

1.Fridge with NFC tag

Just stick NFC tags to your fridge or on the back side of your TV  remote  control. The NFC task launcher will start the apps of your  favourite pizzeria or any  other fast food restaurant. If they offer no  app then you store the URL of your pizzeria on your NFC tag.

NFC business card tag

2. Smart Business Cards

To me, this one is just crazy. If you don’t carry business cards (or are like me and forget them everywhere) you can instead use an NFC tag to share all of your business information such as your contact info, company website, so on and so forth. In fact, the service MOO will help you do all of this. Instead of carrying tons of business cards, you just carry one manufactured by MOO, and this card can share your business information with anyone you want. It’s the future of business, and the future is now.

3.Advertise Your Business

Place an NFC tag on any flyer or poster promoting your business, and when people scan it they can get a Google Maps layout of your locations, and even directions. This will save your potential customers time and effort, which is really the biggest reason people don’t try new places. Once again, it’s the future of business. Of course, you need to buy a lot of NFC tags for this.

For the NFC sticker, there are some other application. Recently I phone has the NFC function. So china RFID tag NFC sticker manufacture has big market.

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