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3 Awesome Uses of RFID Tag

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The article will tell you the RFID tag application. And areas of application that we might not otherwise be exposed to, like the golf balls management, guns management and so on.

RFID tagging is an ID system that uses small radio frequency identification devices for identification and tracking purposes. An RFID tagging system includes the RFID tag itself, a read/write device, and a host system application for data collection, processing, and transmission. An RFID tag (sometimes called an RFID transponder ) consists of a chip, some memory and an antenna.


1. Amusement parks: No-swipe ticket passes 

RFID isn't just a tool for tracking product. It also provides a nifty access control solution. Full implementation of the system would require the current turnstiles to be renovated into the new RFID receptors. In theory, the new entrance would require fewer cast members to scan tickets and verify photo ID. It's also true, though, that the system tested at Epcot had no physical turnstiles, thus tempting visitors to try to slide past the scanners entirely and make their way into the open park.

2. Sports: Loss-resistant golf balls       

Sick of losing golf balls in the long stuff? Ready to hack away and not worry about straining to scan for the ball? A number of specialized sporting goods providers, including Prazza and Radar Golf, are betting that enough people answer "yes" to those questions. Efficiently locating items is one of the core benefits offered by RFID. It was probably only inevitable it would hit the links. Alas, golf balls with RFID tags are no longer just the idle dreams of electrical engineering students back at home to caddy for the summer!

3. Guns-Safety products    

The gun control debate often seems irresolvably deadlocked between the dueling imperatives of protecting freedom and preserving security. Now, due to new Gen 2 technologies and new RFID products from Sunorient, managing weapons using RFID is not only possible but it can be very successful with the RFID tags we have developed for mounting on a weapon or embedding in the weapon.

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